A Career Guide to the Future of Work

With robots and algorithms readily automating both regular blue-collar and white-collar jobs, we must continuously adapt and discover new ways to generate value for others.

However, because of the so-called robot revolution, demand for many traditional high-paying professions such as legal advice, accountancy, education, and middle management is declining. This does not imply that the occupations will vanish, but competition in these professions increases, leading to more labor for less pay.

Fortunately, there are emerging sectors where hierarchies aren’t well-established yet since the abilities needed for the job are new. These new sectors will drive the next economic boom. Learning highly-paid digital skills in the rising sectors of the reputed ‘Innovation Economy’ is the best way to position yourself for a significantly better salary.

What careers are in store for the future?

This new innovation-driven digital economy needs creative employees that are highly curious, adopt new technologies before everyone else, and embrace a lifetime path of continuously developing their technical, creative, and social skills. 

As a result of current technological developments, these are 10 high-paying digital professions where demand will exceed supply in the next decade.

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Future battles will be fought entirely online. In today’s world, cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing businesses, and it entails guarding against attacks, damage, and illegal access to networks, computers, programs, and data.

Data Science

Data scientists are the industry’s new high-paid rock stars. Cutting-edge businesses need data scientists with analytical and social skills who can make sense of the data and improve company operations due to the influx of new information.

User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience Design (also known as UX or Interaction Design) aims to improve user satisfaction with a product by making it easier to use, more accessible, and more enjoyable to engage with.

3D Printing

The ability to manufacture on a personal computer has now been made possible thanks to open source design and 3D printing. In the 2020s, there will be a significant need for experienced 3D Printing artisans as on-shoring brings manufacturing back to developed nations.

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The Internet of Things

Everyday items are becoming connected to the Internet through computer devices, allowing them to transmit and receive data. This is known as the Internet of Things. Smartphones, coffee makers, washing machines, and other household appliances are all included in this category.

Artificial Intelligence

Workers in factories lost their employment because of the rise of the robot. Workers in offices will lose their job due to automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Business operations and societal problems will be better served by emerging AI systems managed by people who understand how artificial intelligence may be applied to them.

Deep Learning

How did self-driving vehicles become a reality, and why? A particular kind of AI called Deep Learning is an example of artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning techniques that simulate neural networks and learn data representations, rather than task-specific algorithms, include this technique.

Digital Marketing

In an age when attention spans are decreasing, and consumers are overloaded with information, digital marketing requires content producers and storytellers with a mix of technical abilities, such as analytical ability and business strategy.

App Development

App developers are in high demand in the United States, where the typical person uses their smartphone for three to four hours each day. In other words, if you want to create an app, learn how to do it yourself since hiring a developer will be out of your price range.

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People who design, construct, and maintain robots will find new career possibilities when replacing manual labor and service sector positions with robots. Even though becoming a robot technician or an engineer requires various specialized talents, you may lay the groundwork to determine whether you have what it takes to succeed in this rapidly expanding field.

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