The Doc Society Climate Story Fund

The Doc Society Climate Story Fund calls forward all advocates of change to submit their entries and proposals for a pilot campaign this 2022.

At this stage, Doc Society is seeking for creative nonfiction projects that can complete production in 2022 with support from The Climate Story Fund. Included in the list of applicable output are: long form nonfiction writeups, shorts, or episodic docs as well as podcasts and AR/VR.

Are you ready to spark discussions around climate change? Be one of their instigators today!

Application deadline: January 7, 2022

Benefits of The Doc Society Climate Story Fund

The Climate Story Fund, organized by The Doc Society, considers proposals from completed creative nonfiction and fiction projects that are looking to pilot an impact campaign in 2022 – to engage audiences who are not typically included in the climate conversation.

Awards for this round of funding range between $20,000 and $100,000.

All projects must be climate-related, with the goal of launching an impact campaign. The Doc Society does not require you to be an expert on impact, but you must be receptive to the concept. They require all grantees to attend an Impact Lab to connect with impact producers and climate experts, to help develop impact distribution strategies, and to ensure they are building on existing expertise and advocacy efforts to engage their intended audiences as part of our grant-making for this fund.

Eligibility Criteria

The selection process will be guided by the Fund’s principles, including prioritizing projects that embody inclusion and diversity across team and subject matter, and exercising responsible practices when engaging story participants and communities. 

Each grantee will be invited to participate in an impact lab where storytellers will collaborate closely with practitioners, ranging from climate scientists to impact producers to movement builders, to ensure they are building upon existing expertise and advocacy efforts to engage their intended audiences. 

The Climate Story Fund can support:

But it cannot support:

To bear in mind:

How to Join the Fund

In order to start your application process, kindly fill out the application form via the log-in platform. You may also view the full terms and conditions plus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of The Doc Society Climate Story Fund for further information about the opportunity.

If you have questions and can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please email The Doc Society through [email protected]

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