Month: June 2018

How Much Will a U.S. College Cost?

Many students in Africa dream of attending a U.S. college.  Too often, when they find out how expensive it can be, they abandon their dream. Don’t be discouraged! It’s true that students from wealthy families may spend a lot of money earning a degree in the U.S. But, it’s also possible to get a quality education for a lot less. Be sure to check out “Paying for Your U.S. Education” for ideas on how to finance for your U.S. college education.


Student Visas 101 – USA Admissions

There are basically three types of student visas in the U.S. The F-1 visa is the one most commonly used by college students in programs that take 4 years or longer.  The M-1 visa is designed for students who are attending a trade or professional school, usually for 2 years or less. The J-1 visa is for exchange students, who often study in the U.S. for just one term or one year. You’re probably interested in an F-1 visa.