Yunus Environment Hub’s GrowUp Incubator for Social Business Entrepreneurs

The Yunus Environment Hub is geared towards elevating progress and creating solutions with substantial environmental and social impact. Through the GrowUp Incubator scheme for social business entrepreneurs, the organization offers tailored mentorship, among other learning opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Are you interested to take part in the exchange of learning?

Application deadline: November 21, 2021

Benefits of the GrowUp Incubator

Yunus’ GrowUp Incubator program offers key support to social business entrepreneurs in the post-revenue stage. GrowUp incubatees will receive individualized mentorship based on their specific requirements, interactive capacity-building seminars, networking opportunities with local partners, and peer-to-peer support to share difficulties and find answers.

The cohort will support social business entrepreneurs inKenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi.

At the end of the GrowUp Incubator program, students will have identified how to:

  • Refine its partnerships and operational model
  • Analyze the product-market fit for multiple contexts
  • Find viable routes to scale and grow 
  • Integrate impact evaluation into the operational model
  • Identify financial sustainability model and financial opportunities

Eligibility Criteria for Social Business Entrepreneurs

In order to qualify for a slot in Yunus environment Hub’s GrowUp Incubator, social business entrepreneurs and other interested parties must first meet the following requirements:

  • Be located in one of our target countries in East Africa
  • Solve a challenge within one or more thematic areas related to food systems. See examples of innovations here.
  • Be beyond experimentation stage
  • Have their product/service on the market for 6 months – 3 years
  • Be legally registered or planning on doing it during the incubation program
  • Be led by a person or by the community (cooperative model)
  • Be able to demonstrate substantial environmental and social impact
  • Be in pre-seed investment but post-revenue stage
  • Have accumulated sales to date of approx.?10,000 –?25,000 USD (Not necessarily profitable yet)
  • Have 2-3 people from the team who will participate in the program
  • Have regular access to stable internet to participate in mentoring sessions and cohort events

How to Apply for Yunus Environment Hub’s Opportunity

To start your online application, please fill out the GrowUp Incubator online application form.

Meanwhile, if you are interested on becoming a mentor for this or the following cohort, please have a look at the Terms of Reference and the mentor application form.

If you have any questions regarding the program or if you are interested in becoming a mentor or participant for the cohorts in 2022 and 2023 you can reach out to Anna Khudiiash via [email protected]

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