This initiative seeks to foster and embed research collaborations that build on African academics’ and institutions’ visions for fairer, more transformative partnerships. As a result, the appeal is open to any Africa-led initiative that targets any basic or applied goals highlighted by the African applicant and is carried out in conjunction with Bristol academics. 

The research fields may be empirical or theoretical, from any discipline, and connected to local and/or national, sub-regional or continental, African Union ambitions for social change.

This grant seeks to cement a paradigm of collaborations that goes further in redressing the numerous layers of power inequalities commonly observed in global North-Africa research.

As such, the purpose of the Perivoli Africa Research Centre (PARC) Partnerships Fund is to contribute to the promotion of transformational Africa research and partnerships at the University of Bristol and beyond. Donations from alumni and supporters of the University have made this initiative feasible.

Application deadline: January 7, 2022

Benefits of PARC 2021 Partnerships Fund for Africa-based Researchers

This offer has a budget of £200,000 available. While no specific maximum award limit is specified, proposals for a considerable percentage of the budget must demonstrate exceptional value for money. Bids for lower-value prizes are also encouraged.

Eligibility Criteria

The core team should include at least one Bristol researcher and one African researcher situated at an African HEI or research institution as the lead. The principal research organization is referred to as the “host organization.” The host organization must guarantee that the primary investigator is under contract for the term of the grant.

The application must be made through an African host organization (for example, a university or research institute) where the competent authority has approved the application.

Bristol researchers can be either seasoned (more than seven years post-PhD) or early career researchers (e.g. postgraduate up to within 7 years post-PhD). Their expertise should be represented in their role within the project, e.g. co-investigator or identified researcher. Where a Bristol early career researcher is involved, the proposal should describe the additional assistance they will get from Bristol colleagues commensurate with their existing expertise.

Additional eligible partners

Whilst the funding offer does not provide for a large consortium, additional partners are welcome in order to adequately address the focus of your application.

  • Other African co-investigators and researchers can be costed.
  • Non-academic African partners can be costed.
  • Academic or non-academic partners from other DAC countries can be costed.
  • Other academic UK partners not based at Bristol can be included but not cost.
  • Non-academic UK partners can be costed where a strong justification for their costs can be provided.
  • Academic or non-academic partners from other non-DAC countries can be included but not cost.

How to Apply

Applicants are encouraged to participate in the call webinar. The webinar will be recorded and afterwards uploaded on the call page, along with replies to questions made.

Applicants must submit an application form as well as any supporting paperwork before the deadline.

The organization highly advises you to submit your application as soon as possible after receiving it. This will be useful if an issue has to be clarified. They may not be able to transmit your application to the panel if they are unable to fix a problem before the deadline.

For more details, visit PARC website.

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