The Women in Africa (WIA) Initiative, through its Women in Africa Program, aims to aid up to 10,000 African women entrepreneurs by 2030. This year, 540 finalists from 54 African countries will be selected to participate in bootcamp trainings and one-on-one mentoring programs to in WIA’s effort to sustain their mission of contributing to African women’s success worldwide.

Started in 2017, the Women in Africa Program has helped African women by the hundreds through comprehensive programs that boost training, communication, and networking among budding female entrepreneurs.

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Application deadline: May 31, 2022

Benefits of the Women in Africa Program

Finalists will be given the chance to become part of the extensive WIA community, under which, they will receive proper training and personalized mentoring programs. The cream of the crop at the end of the mentoring phase of the program shall be given access to investors and seed capital by June 2023.

Furthermore, 54 laureates will be given the opportunity to take part in an MBA program at the Honoris United Universities – a private pan-African higher education network. Successful applicants will also benefit from a communication promotion worth €8,000. Meanwhile, the top performer shall receive the Gold Award worth €10,000

Eligibility Criteria for Women Entrepreneurs

The Women in Africa (WIA) 54 Project criteria are as follows:

  • Business created or led by an African woman
  • Startup created less than 5 years ago
  • First traction on the market (sales, number of users, funds raised)
  • Be part of one of the 8 categories
  • Applicants can only compete in a category that is their primary business category. For example: If you produce jams sold exclusively on a website, your category is “Agriculture” not “Digital.”
  • If you offer digital training, your primary category is “Education” and your secondary category is “Digital”
  • Innovative product, service or technology
  • Proven business model scalability
  • Strong growth potential
  • Ambitious team with strong execution ability
  • Market traction (revenue, number of users, funds raised)
  • Potential impact in Africa

How to Apply

In order to start your application process, kindly apply through this link.

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