America’s Top Colleges – Part I

Looking for the top colleges in The United States? You are not alone! Many people are interested in knowing which schools are considered the best of the best, and they may even be interested in getting their application in. Even with acceptance rates of 5.6% percent, like at Harvard University, it never hurts to throw your hat in the ring and see if you are one of the chosen ones.

Determining the best colleges in America actually depends on what criteria you use. Some reports, like  U.S. News & World Report, evaluate colleges and universities on 16 measures of academic quality. They allow you to compare at a glance the relative quality of U.S. institutions based on such widely accepted indicators of excellence as first-year student retention, graduation rates and the strength of the faculty. while the FORBES list, of America’s Top Colleges, is focused on the direct benefits schools provide their graduates. They look at alumni salaries, debt after graduation, retention and graduation rates, debt load upon graduation, alumni salaries and signs of individual success including academic and career accolades.  Both lists are worth checking out and using as tools in your research.

Here is a list of the top-ranked universities in America (some involve ties) that appear on both lists in no particular order:

In addition to some of those listed, the ones ranked as best colleges by student reports include Williams College, Amherst College, United States Military Academy, Swarthmore College, and Claremont McKenna College.

The top colleges in America come at a hefty price tag for those who get selected to attend. While Princeton University has a 7 percent acceptance rate, 2018–2019 tuition and fee rate is $49,055. Meanwhile, the University of Chicago has an 8.8 percent acceptance rate and their 2018-2019 tuition and fee rate is $54,825. However, generally speaking, the price is worth the return on investment when it comes to listing one of these schools on your resume as your alma mater.

African Leadership Academy: Raising the Bar for Secondary Education

To bring about future peace in Africa, most would agree that good leadership is necessary. This was also the founding vision that the team of founders had when they decided to open the African Leadership Academy in 2004. Located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa, the non-profit academy is focused on instilling a sense of excellent leadership in Africa’s next generation of adults.

To date, the African Leadership Academy has already raised over $1 million, because supporters believe so much in their mission. The school is a coeducational boarding school that focuses on those students ages 16-19 years. Students at this age are perfect for teaching leadership skills to, which can become a key factor in helping to keep peace in the region.

Initially, the school recruited 100 students for enrollment. But, since that time, interest has increased, along with the enrollment, which is at 250 students, or 125 per year. The two-year intensive program for these teens focuses on helping to shape and prepare the students so that they can transform the continent in a positive way.

For many African students, it comes as a relief to learn that money is not a factor in being selected for this academy. Just because someone can pay doesn’t mean they will be admitted. There are scholarships available and the admission is based solely upon merit. The students are kept in small classes, of no more than 12 students, and focus on a curriculum that includes African issues, entrepreneurial training, and leadership development. Attending the program also helps the students to gain access to some of the best universities around the world.

The African Leadership Academy is certainly living up to their mission and is raising the bar for secondary education in Africa. Their impact on the lives of the students that attend the programs, as well as the country, will be long-lasting, as they develop the next generation of peaceful leaders.

Ashesi University: A Model Institution for Africa

When you think of West Africa, higher education is probably not one of the first things that come to mind. But with the help of schools like Ashesi University, that may change, one day in the future. The University is making great strides in providing a quality higher education to Ghanaians, as well as international students.

Ashesi University first opened their doors in March of 2002. Their first class of students was a group of 30. Their enrollment has been increasing each year since, and in 2018 they had 1005 full-time students enrolled, with almost as many part-time students as well. While 87 percent of the students enrolled are from Ghana, there are 17 percent that are international students from Ghana, Gambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Students at the private, not-for-profit University are coming from near and far to take advantage of the quality education and variety of opportunities. International students have attended from such places as Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and even the United States of America.

Academics at the institution focus on providing a blend of liberal arts opportunities, with students being able to earn four-year degrees in the areas of:

  • BSc Business Administration
  • BSc Management Information Systems
  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • BSc Computer Engineering
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering

Ashesi University is certainly living up to its goal of raising the bar of higher education in Africa. The co-educational school has a mission that focuses on educating the next generation to be ethical entrepreneurial leaders in the country. This school is a model institution for Africa that will help shape many of the minds of future African leaders and businessmen and women.

Another admirable aspect of Ashesi University is the employment rate for those that graduate from it. Since the school first opened, 90 percent of the students who graduate receive a job offer within three months of graduation, and within four to six months, 100 percent of graduates have received employment offers.

United Kingdom Top Colleges – Part I

If you are thinking about getting an education in the United Kingdom (UK), you will likely be making a wise decision. The UK is considered to have some of the best colleges in the world. Rich with history, culture, and plenty of great places to visit, the continent offers many wonderful places to get a university education.  The following list is not exhaustive or scientific.  It’s just the first part of our coverage of European Universities.


Some of the top colleges for International Students in the United Kingdom include:


  • University of Cambridge– located in Cambridge. More than 25,000 undergraduate students currently attend the university, including over 5,400 international students. The university is celebrating its 800thyear and running.
  • University College London–  located in London. This multidisciplinary institution is located in the heart of London. They currently have over 11,400 undergraduate students, including over 3,000 that are international ones.
  • Imperial College London – located in Kensington, London, this university opened in 1907 and has over 8,300 undergraduate students, including almost 3,000 international students.
  • University of Oxford located in London, this university also has 800 years of higher education tradition under its belt. Currently, it has over 12,000 undergraduate students, including over 1,500 international students.
  • University of Edinburghlocated in Scotland, this university is over 400 years old and was founded in 1583. Their undergraduate student enrollment count is over 15,600, including over 2,000 international students.
  • University of Bristollocated in Bristol, this university is one of the most popular and successful universities in the UK and enjoys a high international ranking.They attract students from all over the world, creating a rich and exciting international community and are located in a vibrant, dynamic city with a reputation for creativity and sustainability.


Whether you live in Africa or Europe and would like to attend university there, you will find excellent universities to choose from. There is something for everyone in the UK. The hardest part will be narrowing down which school is a good fit for your career goals and current circumstances!