The Young African Scholars program is held every two years by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. Ten scholars are chosen to participate whose suggested projects are assessed to be of high quality and closely related to the foundation’s interest in resolving conflict and hostility.

Countries eligible for the said opportunity include African countries. Meanwhile, applicants’ projects are expected to highlight the issues of violence and aggression.

Harry Guggenheim established this foundation to support research on violence, aggression, and dominance because he was convinced that solid, thoughtful, scholarly and scientific research, experimentation, and analysis would in the end accomplish more than the usual solutions impelled by urgency rather than understanding. We do not yet hold the solution to violence, but better analyses, more acute predictions, constructive criticisms, and new, effective ideas will come in time from investigations such as those supported by our grants.

The foundation places a priority on the study of urgent problems of violence and aggression in the modern world and also encourages related research projects in neuroscience, genetics, animal behavior, the social sciences, history, criminology, and the humanities which illuminate modern human problems. Grants have been made to study aspects of violence related to youth, family relationships, media effects, crime, biological factors, intergroup conflict related to religion, ethnicity, and nationalism, and political violence deployed in war and sub-state terrorism, as well as processes of peace and the control of aggression.

Application deadline: March 1, 2022

Benefits of the HFG Foundation Young African Scholars Program

Ten awardees under the HFG Foundation are eligible to receive a scholarship inclusion of:

  • a methods workshop
  • fieldwork research grants of $10,000 USD each,
  • editorial and publication assistance,
  • and sponsorship at an international conference to present research findings.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for the said opportunity,  applicants must be aged 40 or younger, currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program at an African higher education institution, and living on the continent.

How to Apply

In accordance with the program cycle, the application deadline occurs every other year. Kindly access the online application link by creating a login account. Further details and pertinent information on the scholarship are made available through the Application Guidelines.

You may also access the official scholarship website for any FAQs.

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