International Brain Research Organization Offers €20,000 Grant – Return Home Fellowships for Young Researchers from Less Developed Countries
Up to €20,000 worth of research grants is available through the IBRO Return Home Program. Are you an advanced researcher from a less developed country currently studying abroad? Find out if you qualify for the opportunity below!

The International Brain Research Organization’s (IBRO) Return Home Program is a fellowship for young researchers from less developed countries eager to spark change in science.

Through the program, researchers who have studied neuroscience in advanced research centers are given the chance to return home and continue an internationally valid scientific activity in brain research.

Application deadline: September 10, 2021, 5:00 pm CET

Benefits of the Return Home Program

A grant amount of up to €20,000 shall cover travel expenses and other additional costs for selected fellows.

Additionally, the fellowship program is a gateway for networking opportunities and further pursuit of research in neuroscience beyond the participants’ traditional learning environment.

International Brain Research Organization’s Fellowship Details

Three profiles of scientists will be the main target of the IBRO Return Home Program:

  • Postdoctoral fellows who have finished research training in neurosciences (including clinical research) in a center of excellence of a developed country.
  • Research students who have been trained in a Center of Excellence in Brain Research (CEBR).
  • Scientists who are developing a successful basic/clinical research career in a developed country and wish to return to their country of origin or to a less developed country for personal or cultural reasons.

Eligibility Criteria for Less Developed Countries

To qualify for the Return Home Program Fellowships for Young Researchers, applicants must first meet the following criteria:

  • At least one letter of reference (two are expected) and a Return Home Acceptance Letter are required in order to be considered for this grant.

Please note: Qualified candidates will not yet have returned to the laboratory where he/she is applying for the fellowship at the time the application is submitted.

How to Apply

Applications for the opportunity can only be submitted online. Prior to sending an application, please read through the fellowship program details. Direct further questions to +33 (0)1 46 47 92 92  or email [email protected].

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