Young Water Fellowship Program for Ugandan Social Entrepreneurs
Since 2017, the YWF Program has supported over 75 youth-led start-ups in 30 countries. Are you going to be one of the lucky few participants this year?

The Young Water Fellowship is a program dedicated to Ugandan social entrepreneurs in the sectors of water, sanitation, and hygiene. It empowers early-stage young businesspeople in addressing sectoral issues at the community level.

Through the program, Ugandan social entrepreneurs are provided with a holistic package of financial and technical support through training, coaching, and mentorship as well as opportunities for seed funding and networking.

In turn, participants of the Young Water Fellowship Program are able to do their part in contributing to universal access to safe water and sanitation.

Benefits of the YWF Program

Throughout the incubation phase of the program (October 2021-September 2022), the selected Young Water Fellows will benefit from:

  • Two one-week boot camps providing start-up training in the WASH sector.
  • Coaching and mentoring support
  • Support in developing networks in the
  • entrepreneurship and WASH sectors
  • The opportunity to apply for a seed funding of up to 5,000 to develop a pilot project of their social enterprises during 6 months and validate their impact

Eligibility Criteria for Ugandan Social Entrepreneurs

In order to be qualified for the Young Water Fellowship Program, interested applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Be 18 to 35 years old at the time of the application
  • Be founder or cofounder of the initiative
    Be a Ugandan citizen and resident
  • Have an initiative that addresses a water supply/sanitation/hygiene/waste management/water management issue and be willing to turn it into a social business. The initiative should be at an early stage (within the first 2 years) and ready to be piloted.

How to Apply

To apply to the Fellowship and get a chance to receive a one-year business support, you have to fill in an online form. Head over to the application page to get all the necessary information.

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