MIASA Fellowships for Africans at the University of Ghana

The MIASA Fellowships at the University of Ghana is viable for 10 junior or senior researchers who are dedicated to sustainable governance. Find out if you qualify for the opportunity below.

Dedicated towards research in humanities and social sciences with sustainable governance as its central topic, the Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA) presents fellowship opportunities that last 3-12 months each.

While the starting date of a fellowship is generally handled flexibly, fellowships between three and six months under MIASA usually follow this timeline

o   Twelve-months fellowships usually start in August.

o   Four- and six-month fellowships are usually offered during the period between August and January and between January and June.

o   Three-months fellowships are usually offered from 1st of June to 31st of August.

MIASA’s main thematic corridors are conflict and sustainable peace, democracy, and environmental transformation.

The institute is also interested in a wide range of intersectional sub-topics, such as land ownership and acquisition, migration and mobility, restitution of cultural objects, African cities, human rights, and other related themes. 

Application deadline: November 15, 2021

Benefits of the MIASA Fellowships

The successful applicants become MIASA fellows with all the corresponding rights and obligations for the requested funding period.

Fellows affiliated with a home institution may choose between two fellowship options:

(1) The fellows’ salary or teaching substitution costs are met by MIASA for every full fellowship month on the principle of “no loss, no gain,” and paid directly to his/her home institution.

(2) A fellow may choose the option of an individual grant based on the candidate’s salary at his/her home institution. 

Additionally, fellows from outside Accra may receive a monthly living allowance of up to 675€. Meanwhile, non-affiliated fellows receive an individual monthly grant. 

For all fellows from outside Accra, MIASA provides accommodation (or an equivalent accommodation allowance of up to 1500€/month) and reimburses travel costs.

Also, a small contribution to support research undertaken at MIASA can be granted to the MIASA fellow upon application to MIASA directors (max. 250€/ fellow month). MIASA fellows who come with family members to Accra can receive a family allowance. Fellowships are funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research via the University of Freiburg/FRIAS.

The Institute provides its fellows with office space on the University of Ghana campus. Fellows have full access to all library services at the University of Ghana and, electronically, at the University of Freiburg, Germany.

A full-time presence of fellows at the MIASA Fellowships for Africans for the entire period is required. Periods of leave need to be negotiated with the MIASA directors prior to the signing of the fellowship agreement, and must not exceed a total of more than 1/6 of the fellowship duration. 

Eligibility Criteria from the University of Ghana

The call for the fellowships for Africans is open to both junior (> 6 years after completion of PhD) and senior (> 6 years after completion of PhD) researchers.

Junior and senior researchers from around the globe are welcome to apply for the MIASA Fellowships after completion of their PhD in a relevant discipline of the Humanities or the Social Sciences.

Applicants must propose a research project that matches the research focus of the IFG on “The Governance of Energy Transitions in the Global South”.

How to Apply for the Fellowship

Applications for the fellowships for Africans will be accepted in English and French. The completed application form together with the information indicated below has to be uploaded on the MIASA application webpage.

After submission of the documents, applicants shall receive an acknowledgment receipt providing contact details and including a copy of their submission.

Please note that incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

For information on the application and selection process (required documents, eligibility criteria, evaluation criteria, timeline, and stages of the selection process), please view the Application Guidelines.

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