St. Joseph University in Tanzania – School Profile
SJUIT sets the benchmarks of the global education with a system that matches the best of practices, theories, resources and standards all over the world .

About St. Joseph University in Tanzania

St. Joseph University in Tanzania (SJUIT) is a well-known Tanzanian university with three active colleges: two on the Mbezi-Luguluni Campus and one on the Boko Campus.

Degree and Ordinary Diploma programs in several subjects of Engineering and Sciences, as well as Mathematics Education, are available at the Mbezi-Luguluni campus colleges.

MD (Doctor of Medicine), Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Nursing programs are available at the Boko campus.

When it comes to engineering, ICT, science education, medical and paramedical courses in Tanzania, SJUIT has established itself as the UNIVERSITY OF CHOICE. SJUIT is a preferred university not only among students but also among parents and the labor market.

The university’s existence and operations are based on its objective, which is to build capacity via quality employable education. For their mantle, discipline, and dedication, university graduates are in high demand on the job market. SJUIT generates country leaders with a reputation for discipline, knowledge, talent, loyalty, and integrity.

List of Programs

Diploma Programs

Undergraduate Programs

How to Apply at SJUIT

In order to start your application process, please contact St. Joseph University in Tanzania using the following details:


St. Joseph University In Tanzania P.O. Box 11007, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


[email protected]


University Office: +255 689 304 186

Admission Office: +255 713 757 010, +255 784 757 010, +255 789 142 490, +255 689 312 861

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