Women Techmakers Scholars Program by Google Offers $10,000 Annually
Build your future in tech with one of Google’s scholarship programs! Read on to learn more.

The Women Techmakers Scholars Program by Google supports and inspires women pursuing careers in technology.

One of the opportunity’s many aims includes honoring gender equality in the field of computer science.

Female undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate a record of academic excellence, and are pursuing careers in computer science, computer engineering or a related field are eligible to apply.

Application deadline: December 5, 2021

Benefits of the Program

A non-renewable amount of $10,000 shall be given to recipients annually.

In addition, all finalists will be invited to visit Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, in April for a networking retreat in which they can meet and share their experiences. The retreat will include workshops with a series of speakers, panelists, breakout sessions, and social activities.

Google’s Women Techmakers Scholars Program Details

Formerly the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Program, Google’s Women Techmakers Scholars Program is furthering Dr. Anita Borg’s vision of creating gender equality in the tech industry by encouraging women to excel as active participants and leaders in the field.

The awards aim to accomplish the following:

  • Support women interested in beginning a career in tech.
  • Help those already working in the industry stay in the field, continue to grow, and successfully climb the corporate ladder.
  • Empower women build their own startups.

How to Apply

Application requirements for the Women Techmakers Scholars Program are:

  • Essay
  • Interview
  • Recommendation letter
  • Application form
  • Official Transcript
  • Resume

Selection will be based on the strength of the applicant’s academic background, responses to short essay questions, and letters of recommendation.

As the final step in the scholarship selection process, all finalists will have phone interviews with representatives from the selection committee.

Finalists will then be notified in March and recipients will be announced in April.

For further information, please visit the official Women Techmakers website.

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