UCT e-Track Program for South African Start-up Entrepreneurs

Ready to take your business to the next level? The University of Cape Town – Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB)’s Solution Space has partnered with Ayoba messaging app to launch a five-week venture acceleration program. Discover how you can apply for the opportunity below.

The e-Track Program of the UCT GSB Solution Space is aimed at South African start-up entrepreneurs who want to scale up their businesses.

Individual participants can either explore their own business idea or join an existing venture through this three-phase early-stage venture acceleration and capacity program.

In partnership with Ayoba, UCT Solution Space has created the e-Track Program to serve as a platform for corporate partners to engage and collaborate on specific research and development agendas.

Application deadline: September 27, 2021

Benefits of the e-Track Program

The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business’ e-Track program is a three-phase venture acceleration program, tackling the various stages of venture building and development.

  • Phase one is the 5-week Venture Launch course which focuses on validating the venture concept.
  • Phase two is the 12-week Venture Exploitation course which is aimed at accelerating the development of the validated venture. Start-ups selected to move forward to the Venture Exploitation phase will gain access to technical support and mentorship from field experts to get the guidance needed to accelerate their venture.
  • Phase three is the 12-week Venture Scaling course where ventures are supported by ecosystem partners and investors to expand and thrive within their markets.

Other benefits presented by this opportunity include an industry partnership with Ayoba.

At workshops and clinics, scale-ups learn founder fundamentals and core skills focused on moving the business forward. Founders can also apply what they learn through practical outcomes from each session.

Furthermore, South African start-up entrepreneurs will be given access to pro-bono partners and a network of consultants to support with specialist expertise in legal departments, HR, digital user experience, and venture capital to name a few.

Scale-ups will also receive valuable feedback and guidance from our team and a network of experienced mentors and industry partners. Teams also have access to the UCT GSB Solution Space’s network of GSB alumni and corporate partners.

Lastly, the e-Track Program focuses on building a vibrant community of entrepreneurs. It offers a calendar of regular events designed to increase a team’s knowledge and expand its network. The program also prioritizes peer learning and mentoring through access to our co-working space and regular office hours.

Eligibility Criteria for South African entrepreneurs

MTN Solution Space’s e-Track Program is looking for innovation-driven and high-impact scale-ups with solutions that are relevant to the African market and with global potential.

Both individuals and teams are encouraged to apply.

Most scale-ups enter with some sort of business case, an early version of a product, and a couple of team members. They have a working prototype with a minimum feature set ready to conduct early-market testing to further establish product and market fit.

In addition, the initial concept development to be presented should demonstrate a deep understanding of the problem and market need or opportunity. The idea must have progressed beyond concept and should demonstrate evidence of early market testing, customers, revenues, patents, or intellectual property filings.

How to Apply for the Program

In order to join the opportunity, individuals & scale-ups are required to submit applications online, before the initial start date of each E-Track Program.

The Solution Space team then reviews the applications, with the top scale-ups and individuals completing the Venture Launch Program (Phase 1).

Next, the top 10 scale-ups are selected to participate in the 12-week Venture Exploitation Program (Phase 2) to accelerate the development of their venture. This is done through a high-touch scale-up process that aims to concretize the product and secure customer buy-in.

Meanwhile, the last part of the program (Phase 3) aims to scale the venture throughout the partner markets and beyond. The process is facilitated by investors, the partner, and subject experts, such as a legal team, tech team, and business development team. Entrepreneurs meet with investors, partners, and market experts throughout partner markets/opcos.

For further details, please visit the official UCT GSB website.

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