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Studying in The Netherlands as an international student comes with a lot of perks. For one, the country has an internationalized university system which is considered among Europe’s finest.

Tuition fee rates are relatively lower than in other premier European study destinations, and on top of that, international students can also opt for scholarship opportunities to lessen the load.

It’s not hard to see why The Netherlands has been a growing study destination. In fact, 13 Dutch universities have all landed a spot in the world’s top 350 universities, according to the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings.

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) sits atop the Top 10 Universities in The Netherlands.

If you’re interested to learn why then check out our profile below!

About TU Delft

Known as the oldest and largest Dutch public technical university, Delft University of Technology offers 16 bachelor’s programs and over 35 master’s programs in the fields of science, engineering, and design. Home to over 16,000 students, the university takes pride in being a diverse institution with a large community of international students.

The university values problem-solving through teamwork as well as being forward-looking. As such, they are primarily focused on giving their learners technological training, analytical skills, and critical thinking in world-class facilities.

In particular, the institution excels in a number of STEM subjects, such as: 

  • Civil and structural engineering 
  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Environmental studies
  • Engineering and technology 
  • Architecture 

Furthermore, the QS World University Rankings has also named the institution as one of the top 15 engineering and technology universities in the world.

Over the years, TU Delft has also produced and is associated with three Nobel laureates, namely: Jacobus Henricus van ‘t Hoff for Chemistry, and Heike Kamerlingh Onnes and Simon van der Meer for Physics.

List of Educational Scholarships Available

It can be costly to study abroad. On the brighter side, TU Delft offers a variety of study and research grants for which you can apply when traveling abroad.


To qualify for a STIR Fund grant, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your exchange takes place outside the EU/EEA/EFTA;
  • Your faculty must have a valid exchange agreement with the host university. This agreement must be registered at the Education Service Centre. Consequently, you do not have to pay any tuition fee to your host university;
  • You have to register your study abroad contact details in MyTUDelft;
  • The application contains a filled and signed “STIR statement exchange abroad” and the host university admission letter
  • You are at least enrolled and started in your 2nd year of study (minimum 45 ECTS obtained for Bachelor students)
  • You are and will be registered as a full time student at TU Delft during your stay abroad;
  • Your programme abroad (including research projects) counts towards your TU Delft degree;
  • You have not received the STIR Fund grant before;
  • You do not receive any other grants from a TU Delft mobility fund (ERASMUS+, JvE, scholarship UfD, IDEA Leagues student research grant, Holland Scholarship, VM) in addition to the STIR Fund grant. You must keep TU Delft informed of the outcome of any external grant applications. TU Delft has the right to withdraw the STIR scholarship or to demand (partial or whole) repayment of sums already paid, in case an external grant is awarded to the student;
  • The study abroad does not take place in your country of origin;
  • You are to refrain from engaging in activities of a political and/or commercial nature during your time abroad that could damage the reputation of TU Delft;
  • You are expected to carry out promotional activities on behalf of TU Delft at the partner university
  • You will submit/upload a travel report within three months of completing your courses abroad.
  • You agree that your travel report will be published on the TU Delft Study Abroad website so that other students can benefit from your experiences. This is a protected website that can only be accessed by TU Delft students and staff.
  • The application must be submitted before the start date of the exchange


As a TU Delft student planning to study for 3 to 12 months at a partner university in the EU, you may apply for an Erasmus+ Study Scholarship. TU Delft can help you financially for up to 120 days of your stay abroad, as long as funds are available. In the academic year, you can only obtain the Erasmus+ Study Scholarship once. TU Delft hopes to grant an Erasmus+ study scholarship to as many students as feasible.

1Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway€360 per month
2Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal€300 per month
3Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey€240 per month

Holland Scholarship

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, in collaboration with Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences, offers the Holland Scholarship. It is intended for students who wish to study, do research, or intern outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). There are only 64 Holland Scholarships available for the years 2021-2022, and students will be chosen by their faculty. The International Exchange Office at the Faculty can provide details on the selection process and deadline.

The €1250 donation to your study/internship expenses is a one-time payment.

However, please do keep in mind that a Holland Scholarship will not cover all of your expenditures. It’s a small sum to cover the extra costs you’ll face when living overseas. If you are awarded the Holland Scholarship, it will be paid to you in one lump sum once you return and submit your travel report.

Sub-Saharan Africa Excellence Scholarships

These scholarships provide opportunities for smart, motivated, and broadly interested students from Sub-Saharan Africa to attend the Delft University of Technology. The TU Delft | Global Initiative aims to assist capacity building in the Global South and foster future leadership centered on global sustainability. The TU Delft follows the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline.

TU Delft | Global Initiative is offering four Sub-Saharan Africa Excellence Scholarships for a two-year MSc program for the academic year 2022-2023. We anticipate that students will be willing to serve as our ambassadors during their studies and after graduation.

Justus & Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarships

A variety of scholarships are available at TU Delft for outstanding overseas applicants. The Justus and Louise Van Effen Excellence Scholarships are made possible by the van Effens’ legacy. Mr. van Effen studied at TU Delft in the 1940s and was convinced that technological advancements will help solve societal problems.

The Justus & Louise van Effen Foundation was founded with the goal of encouraging and financially assisting outstanding overseas MSc students who aspire to study at TU Delft.

Interested in taking your international education dreams to the next level? Visit the official TU Delft website or contact them via the details below to start!

Postbus 5
2600 AA Delft
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)15 27 89111
[email protected]

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