African Future Leaders Summit for African Youth Leaders

Want to take part in one of the largest gatherings of Africa’s young trailblazers? Join the African Future Leaders Summit now!

The African Future Leaders Summit welcomes young ambitious leaders, changemakers, and students who want to start creating their mark in the industries they thrive in.

With the theme: “Magnifying Opportunities for African Youth”, the summit shall be conducted online via the online event platform Hopin on November 26, 2021.

Application deadline: November 24, 2021

Benefits of the African Future Leaders Summit

Organized by Studentshubgh, an education technology company focused on matching students with non-tech backgrounds toward career development programs. Under the gathering, African youth leaders will be able to listen and connect with experts on six main tracks, namely:

  • Education (Accessing Scholarships for Academic Excellence)
  • Culture, Arts and Sports (Exploring Indigenous Young Talents for African Growth)
  • Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship (Funding and Scaling for Youth-led Startups)
  • ICT, Digital Economics, and Branding (Internet for Wealth Creation)
  • Civic Development and Leadership (Sustaining Youth-led Movements for African Prosperity)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (Profitability of Social Good)

In addition to the tracks offered, the African Future Leaders Summit also feature keynote and plenary sessions. UNGWA Africa founder Gomolemo Lolo Madikgetla CM(SA) shall be the event’s keynote speaker. Meanwhile, plenary sessions shall include exclusive expert engagements that shall provide participants the avenue to ask questions regarding their chosen tracks.

Eligibility Criteria

The African Future Leaders Summit is open to all African youth leaders aged 18 to 40 years old. The only prerequisite to being able to participate fully in the event is stable access to the Internet since the gathering shall be held on an online platform.

How to Apply

In case you’re interested to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, register online to attend the event. For more information about the African Future Leaders Summit, please visit the official website.

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