International Monetary Fund Economist Program for PhD Students

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is currently launching its Economist Program, aimed at PhD students looking for opportunities to gain operational experience and further develop their macroeconomic expertise.

If you’re into economics and business, this program might just interest you. Read more about the program details below!

Application deadline: December 11, 2021

Benefits of the IMF Economist Program

Through the International Monetary Fund Economist Program, successful applicants will be able to apply their studies and research to policy work that impacts our 189 member countries and join a team of staff working to address the key global economic challenges.

The EP is a three-year program consisting of two 18-month assignments.

Furthermore, participants will travel to countries where they will be able to work closely with country authorities and carry out operational work related to the IMF’s mission.

Depending on the assignments given to them, EP participants will gain broad experience in regional and country-specific issues, as well as in fiscal, monetary, the balance of payments, debt, or other related issues, and contribute to the International Monetary Fund’s research and policy analysis agenda.

In combination with work assignments, fellows will be able to participate in a range of training and development activities and will be mentored, guided, and supported by seasoned economists, all with a view of ensuring a satisfying and exciting start to their career at the IMF. 

Eligibility Criteria for PhD Students

For the International Monetary Fund Economist Program, the organization is seeking between 20 and 30 top economists from around the world who have:

  • Recently completed or are expected to complete a PhD within a year (or less) of joining in fields including macroeconomics, finance, public finance, monetary economics, international economics, trade, poverty issues, political economy, econometrics or related areas.
  • Possession over an excellent academic record.
  • Validated analytical, quantitative, and IT skills.
  • Show an interest in, and aptitude for, working in an international organization, and contributing to economic policy issues.
  • The nationality of one of IMF’s member countries.
  • An age below 34 at entry to the program on September 13, 2022.
  • Strong written and oral English skills. Ideally, you will also be:
  • Tendencies to be extremely motivated by making significant contributions to the economic well-being of our members. 
  • The ability to demonstrate a sound understanding of macroeconomics (even if specialized in other areas during graduate school), able to utilize conceptual frameworks to commutate complex ideas, and be comfortable in navigating around the different sectors of an economy and the linkages between these sectors.
  • The capacity to undertake a combination of operational, analytical, and research work.
  • Versatile and flexible learning about different areas while also possessing a strong field of relevant expertise.
  • Natural collaboration skills, motivated by exchanging information and ideas with others to reach common goals and making a substantial contribution to the team’s work.
  • Cultural agility and emotional intelligence to engage effectively internally and externally, develop relationships, and build strong networks.
  • Willingness to travel (can vary based on assignment but typically one-two missions per 18-month EP rotation)
  • Proficiency in, or be willing to learn, foreign languages. (Languages other than English are useful but not a requirement.)

Based on the interested party’s application form and supporting paperwork, the IMF will conduct an initial screening. If they fit the first criteria, applicants will then be invited to a phone or video preliminary interview.

Pursuing parties will be invited to a virtual panel interview after a successful preliminary stage (preliminary interview + transcript + references). The preliminary and panel interview stages will take place in December and January, and the two stages may overlap.

How to Apply for the Program

In order to start the application process, please head on over to the official International Monetary Fund Economist Program webpage for detailed information on the subject matter.

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