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The UBS Global Banking Talent Graduate Program aims to give successful candidates a thorough understanding of the firm’s daily operations. Through this opportunity, South African students are given the chance to work with top-tier industry professionals.

The UBS Discovery training program kicks off the program, giving new workers a complete overview of the company’s strategy, industry, culture, and capabilities.

The duties and responsibilities of the role will include:

  • Gain market knowledge starting from capital raising to disposal
  • Participate and contribute to offering M&A execution, takeovers spinoffs, exchange offers, takeover defense and development of joint ventures
  • Work with equities platform in order to gain insight into the views of the investor community
  • Gain an understanding of debt capital markets as well as an emerging market and corporate bonds
  • Understand structured products developed for the clients’ stake and fund management requirements
  • Capable of analyzing complex scenarios and develop the most suitable strategy in line with maximizing the clients’ objectives.

Application deadline: November 30, 2021

Benefits of the UBS Global Banking Graduate Talent Program

Under the scheme, South African student participants will be given the following opportunities:

• get to know the markets from the capital raising stage to disposal
• be involved in and contribute to providing M&A advice and execution, including spinoffs, takeovers, exchange offers, takeover defense and formation of joint ventures
• interact with the equities platform to get an insight into the investor community views and trends
• learn all about debt capital markets including corporate and emerging market bonds
• gain familiarity with structured products tailored to our clients’ funding and stake management needs
• be able to analyze complex situations and develop the best strategy to maximize our clients’ diverse objectives

About the Union Bank of Switzerland

The Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) was a financial services and investment bank based in Switzerland. The bank, which was the second-largest in Switzerland at the time, combined with Swiss Bank Corporation in 1998 to establish UBS, the largest bank in Europe and the second-largest bank in the world at the time.

The company offers both affluent individuals and institutions around the world a comprehensive range of advice and investment services. In addition, they make use of their combined expertise to help turn financial vision into a reality.

With offices in over 45 markets on 5 continents, UBS’ size, strength and 150 year history helps them to achieve global reach, while their local knowledge means that they can offer a personal and bespoke service to meet all clientele needs. 

Eligibility Criteria for South African Students

You need to be in the last year of your degree or recently graduated, no more than 2 years ago. In addition, you need to have, or be on track for a 2:1 or the equivalent in your first undergraduate degree. It doesn’t matter what you’re studying. (Really, it doesn’t.) But we’d like to see evidence that you can:

– analyze a problem, take a view, and come to a decision
– plan, organize and communicate well
– make things happen
– stick with a task
– work in a team
– come up with ideas

Perhaps you’ve organized a fundraising event or taken part in team sports? Or persevered and passed an exam in a subject you found challenging? Think about how things you’ve achieved match the skills we’re after.

How to Apply for the Opportunity

Interested parties are required to register an account on the Union Bank of Switzerland’s online recruitment portal in order to start the application process.

For more information, please visit the official UBS website.

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