Countries Reopening to International Students and African Scholars in 2021

With over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic response, more countries are starting to reopen its borders. International students, African scholars included, are looking to study and enroll in foreign schools that offer not only safety protocols but an overall welcoming environment.

In this article, Scholarships for Africans has compiled some countries reopening to international students. These nations are considered to be frontiers of education. However, please do note that these places still come with their own set of travel regulations. It’s best to take your country of origin, health status, and travel history into account as you read this.

Which Countries Reopening to International Students Are Highly-Favored?

For both parents and international students alike, safety in the middle of the pandemic is a priority. There are many factors that contribute to the security of any African Scholar and international student planning to study abroad. Some of them include student-friendly policies, anti-discriminatory practices, the quality of life in the said country, and its rank on the Global Peace Index, to name a few.

With these factors taken into consideration, here are some reopening countries approved by Scholarships for Africans.

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Study in Canada

Canada was one of the first major higher education hubs to reopen its borders. Since October 20 of last year, they have been issuing study permits. Students arriving are quarantined for 14 days before returning to their university.

In addition, Canada requires its schools to have a COVID-19 approved plan. International students and scholars now have an improved perception of Canada as a “safe and stable” country for higher education due to this quick action and support.

Overall, some students agree that the Canadian government’s handling of the pandemic had made studying in Canada more appealing.

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Study in France

Since July, France’s borders have been open to international students, scholars, and researchers. Meanwhile, visa processing resumed in August.

You can study abroad in France without restriction if you’re from a country in a green area, which includes member states of the European Union, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and the UK.

On the other hand, there are a few extra requirements if you’re from a red-area country, such as South Africa. These include: an exceptional international travel certificate, a sworn statement that you are free from COVID-19 symptoms, and a contact sheet providing your address in France.

For more information, check out the travelling FAQs on the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’ website.

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Study in the Netherlands

Consistently lauded for being a peaceful, friendly, and safe country, the Netherlands is a very popular study destination. Certain non-EU citizens can freely enter the Netherlands, although the government has not fully lifted travel bans yet.

As the country gears to reopen gradually, it accepts entry of students and scholars, provided that they have a notification letter issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) for study.

Universities in the Netherlands are famous for their programs in art, psychology, business management, and engineering. Compared to other reopening countries, the nation has a very low crime rate, low racial discrimination, high gender equality, and a very low unemployment rate.

How to Start Your African Scholar Journey

With the rapidly-evolving outbreaks of COVID-19 variants, reopening countries are doing their best to be one step ahead. For more updates on international student travel, scholarships for Africans, and other related topics, visit our website regularly and follow us on all of our socials.

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