An agreement between Sommet and Invictus

Sommet Education has announced its acquisition of a major stake in the Invictus Education Group of South Africa.

The declaration done last April 21 shall fast track the expansion of Sommet’s campuses from nine to 17. In addition, the education group expects an increase of 3,000 students.

As a leading network of higher education schools specializing in hospitality and culinary arts training, Sommet Education is developing a strategy of partnering with leading local and regional education brands.

“Invictus Education Group has a 25-year history on the continent, a diverse portfolio of educational institutions, and an extensive digital program offering,” Sommet Education CEO, Benoît Etienne Domenget, stated.

Domenget also went on to add that the group “is a tremendous success story in the African education landscape.”

Furthermore, Invictus Education Group aims to provide quality education for occupations that are in demand in the South African economy. The education hub is focused on delivering greater chances of employment for African scholars and graduates alike.

The alliance is expected to give students access to a global network of alumni and industry partners with diverse learning and career paths. | Photo credits: Sommet Education webpage

Plans under the Sommet-Invictus Alliance

Sommet and Invictus have unveiled their plans to create an International Hotel School campus this 2021.

Moreover, the partnership will also be working on a School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute campus for creative media education in South Africa a year later.

Following these flagship launches, four other South African campuses in be in Nelspruit, Potchefstroom, Port Elisabeth and Pretoria as well as the first Kenyan campus opening is slated for 2023.

“This alliance will give our students access to a global network of alumni and industry partners with diverse learning and career paths, providing them with many more opportunities for international education and growth,” Invictus CEO, Mike Lambert, shared.

The new International Hotel School shall open its doors this July. To kickstart the opening, it shall deliver full-time programs in hospitality management, food and beverage management and culinary arts in Benoni, South Africa. Furthermore, the campus shall offer flexible online learning options for its students.

Through the acquisition of Invictus, Sommet now has hold over nine campuses in five countries. | Photo credits: Sommet Education

Efforts beyond South Africa and expansion

On top of their expansion efforts, Sommet and Invictus are working on developing synergies in four key areas. These are as follows:

  • Curriculum development and faculty expertise to support the expansion of Invictus’ proposed license, 
  • The further development of the culinary arts and pastry program portfolio by leveraging École Ducasse’s expertise,
  • The transfer of Invictus’ knowledge and experience in training, development and consulting to companies,
  • The collaboration and sharing of knowledge, experience and ideas between the two partners around online education programs and platforms.

In 2019, Sommet Education invested in professional culinary and pastry art education provider École Ducasse. Through this acquisition, Sommet now has hold over nine campuses in five countries, namely: Switzerland, France, Spain, UK, and China.

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