McKinsey & Company Young Leadership Program for Young Africans in Kenya and Ethiopia
Are you looking for more opportunities in local entrepreneurship and business analysis? The management consulting firm McKinsey & Company is staging the Young Leadership Program (YLP) to pave way for a new generation of kickstarters.
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Benefits of the McKinsey & Company Young Leadership Program

McKinsey & Company’s Young Leadership Program for young Africans in Kenya and Ethiopia offers a two-year full-time consulting program that shall hone exceptional young local talent into real international leaders.

Qualified young Africans will be tasked to work in teams of typically 3-5 consultants, playing an active role in all aspects of client engagement.

At the end of the program, high-performing fellows progress into a PSS Analyst role in ADH.

Furthermore, successful applicants shall be based in McKinsey & Company’s Nairobi office and may also have an opportunity to work in other offices across Africa.

Through the program, fellows will be able to collaborate with colleagues and clients to solve their toughest business problems. This includes gathering and analyzing information, formulating and testing hypotheses, and developing and communicating recommendations.

In addition, they will also have the opportunity to present results to client management, and implement recommendations in collaboration with client team members.

In this role, young Africans in Kenya and Ethiopia will gain new skills and build on the strengths they bring to the firm.

The young leaders will receive exceptional training as well as frequent coaching and mentoring from colleagues on their teams. This support includes a Partner from your local office or the practice assigned to you to help guide your career as well as formal training in your 2- 3 years.

Additionally, they will receive guidance and support from their local office in the selection of client projects, helping them to develop skills and build a personal network.

Eligibility Criteria for Young Africans

In order to qualify for a spot in the Young Leadership Program of McKinsey & Company, a candidate must first meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • An academic degree
  • Fewer than 2 years of continuous work experience in any industry
  • Great potential in leadership, problem solving and entrepreneurial drive

How to Apply for the Opportunity in Kenya and Ethiopia

To start your application process, please head on over to the respective web pages dedicated to applicants from Kenya and Ethiopia, respectively.

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