German Development Bank Masters Scholarships for East Africans

If you’re an East African looking for academic funding to pursue a master’s degree, then the German Development Bank can help you! Read on to learn more.

The German Development Bank (KFW) has partnered with the East African Community (EAC) and the InterUniversity Council for East Africa (IUCAE) to form the EAC Scholarship Program, which shall offer 60 master’s scholarships for East Africans below 35 years of age.

Benefits of a German Development Bank Scholarship

KFW shall cover financial support toward academically skilled and disadvantaged East Africans hoping to finish a master’s degree in the following fields:

  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Informatics
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Business Science

Furthermore, women and persons with disabilities are encouraged to join the program.

Below is a breakdown of the financial support offered by the German Development Bank:

  • University tuition fees payable directly to the university according to an official invoice
  • A monthly stipend worth €380 intended for living expenses such as housing, food, utilities, local transportation, and settlement expenses.
  • A one-off  €1,500 allowance for study materials and research
  • Medical insurance
  • Extracurricular events at least once per year.

KFW Master’s Scholarships Details

EAC master’s scholarships for East Africans have a duration period of two years and shall be taken at an EAC partner state other than the recipients’ country of citizenship.

Up to 60 successful applicants will  be offered a comprehensive package, including:

  • scholarships for the master’s programs
  • internships
  • mentoring
  • networking events and
  • further leadership training activities

The goal of this initiative is to contribute towards training leaders that will foster EAC regional integration.

Eligibility Criteria for East Africans

In order to be selected as a recipient for the German Development Bank’s EAC Scholarship Program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a citizen of a partner state of the East African Community;
  • Possess the required academic qualifications for admission to the program (at least at the level of Upper Second Class Honors or “Distinction” as applicable;
  • Submit a motivation letter in English (with not more than 500 words) as follows:
  • Well written (grammatically and professionally)
  • Demonstrates a convincing motivation for wanting to pursue the master’s program chosen          
  • Adequately demonstrates the applicant’s foreseen professional engagement in the EAC Integration agenda after completing the master’s program
  • Demonstrates how they expect to apply the acquired skills and knowledge from the master’s program to contribute to the EAC Integration Agenda
  • Demonstrates where they anticipate to see themselves professionally and academically in 5 and 10 years.

Note: This has to be one letter

  • Be below 35 years of age; and
  • Have obtained an admission from a university in another country in the EAC Region other than their own.

How to Apply

Please visit the official call for applications in order to review the requirements and details. If you want to learn more about IUCEA’s strategic plans, click here.

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