Engineering is a booming field with excellent job prospects. This line of study, as well as the many various tech skills it supports, is often considered by those who have a great interest in math and science.

In the US alone, a thriving engineering education industry supports industries across government, non-government organizations, and private sector companies. Engineering graduates integrate scientific and engineering principles, develop products and processes that contribute to economic growth, medical advancements, improved national security systems, ecologically sound resource management, and many other useful fields. As a result, graduates with engineering degrees are able to work in a variety of fields worldwide, bringing highly valued capabilities to the table.

If you would like to pursue Engineering, then you might as well take a chance at learning at some of the most prestigious institutions in the United States. Scholarships for Africans has compiled the Top 10 Best Engineering Schools in the US, according to the US News and World Report Rankings.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Application fee for international students: $75
Annual tuition fee:

Currently ranked the Number 1 school in Engineering, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has played a key role in the development of modern technology and science.

The MIT School of Engineering (SoE) is one of the five schools of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. SoE has eight academic departments and two interdisciplinary institutes. The School grants SB, MEng, SM, engineer’s degrees, and Ph.D. or ScD degrees.

There are close to 20 research centers on campus, which explore topics as varied as cancer research, ocean engineering, and soldier nanotechnologies.

Stanford University

Application fee for international students: $125
Annual tuition fee:
$57, 861

Stanford Engineering has long been at the forefront of groundbreaking research, education, and innovation.

With opportunities for exceptional research and mentorship and an array of majors and classes, students have the opportunity to get the most out of an experience at Stanford. The university offers several degree programs, as well as research opportunities. It’s also well known for graduating some of the most successful technology entrepreneurs of the century.

University of California – Berkeley

Application fee for international students: $140
Annual tuition fee:
$11,442 (in-state); $ 26,544 (out-of-state)

Industrial Engineering & Operations Research and Applied Science & Technology are two of the eight fields in which graduate students at the UC—Berkeley College of Engineering can earn an advanced degree.

At Berkeley, a master’s degree in engineering generally takes two years to complete, but students can choose to complete the Berkeley Engineering Professional Master’s Program in in one year. Two minors, which might include subjects outside of the College of Engineering, are required of all graduate students.

Students can get involved in over 40 research centers and institutions in the College of Engineering. Residents of the university can reside on campus. Students can take a quick excursion to local beaches or explore nearby San Francisco for a vacation from schoolwork. Students can use public transportation to get around San Francisco.

California Institute of Technology

Application fee for international students: $100
Annual tuition fee:

CalTech, a traditional science powerhouse, includes a separate chemical engineering department as well as a Division of Engineering and Applied Science for graduate students. In two years, students can acquire a master’s degree in aeronautical, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering, or a special engineer’s degree in aeronautical, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering. Part-time studies and Ph.D. programs are available as well. A dual M.D./Ph.D. program is available for students interested in becoming medical scientists. UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine or USC’s Keck School of Medicine offer a joint curriculum.

The Center for the Science and Engineering of Materials and the Center for Neuromorphic Systems Engineering are two on-campus research centers where students can get involved.

Carnegie Mellon University

Application fee for international students: $75
Annual tuition fee:

Located at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, the Carnegie Mellon Institute of Technology’s graduate students have a lot of options for strengthening their advanced engineering degrees. There are around ten multidisciplinary majors to choose from, all of which are completed in collaboration with other Carnegie Mellon schools, such as the highly regarded Tepper School of Business. Master’s degrees in engineering can be either course-based or research-based, and most departments offer Ph.D. programs.

With study and research programs in Chile, Portugal, and Japan, students can also broaden their horizons in their education. An expedited master’s degree in Engineering and Technology Innovation Management, which takes a year to finish, is available for students who are short on time. Carnegie Mellon University undergraduates can also finish an expedited master’s degree in one year following graduation.

Purdue University – West Lafayette

Application fee for international students: $75
Annual tuition fee:
$ 10,330 (in-state); 29,132 (out-of-state)

IUPUI’s Purdue School of Engineering and Technology offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs that educate students for careers in a global economy and is known for the quality of its programs and graduates on a local, national, and international level.

The greatest of Indiana’s two main colleges, Purdue University and Indiana University, come together to become IUPUI. Its academic departments can provide programs in the respective subjects for which Purdue and IU are known around the world because the School of Engineering and Technology offers degrees from both universities.

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Application fee for international students: $90
Annual tuition fee:
$ 27,718 (in-state); $52,098 (out-of-state)

Master’s, doctoral, and multidisciplinary programs are available at the University of Michigan College of Engineering, and curricula emphasize project-based learning. The annual Engineering Graduate Symposium, held in November, gives prospective graduate students a chance to acquire a feel for the College. It’s a chance for current graduate students to present their research proposals, locate faculty advisors, and hear from guest speakers.

Engineering students can socialize and relax outside of class at school-wide events like the CoE Bowling Challenge and luncheons on a regular basis. Student activities are also coordinated by each academic program. The Just ASK program, which stands for Alumni Sharing Knowledge, can provide additional assistance to graduate students. Alumni of colleges and universities can help current students by mentoring them in person, via letter, email, or by phone.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Application fee for international students: $85
Annual tuition fee:
$14,064 9 (in-state); $29,140  (out-of-state)

The Georgia Tech College of Engineering offers a wide range of degrees to choose from. From medical physics to aerospace engineering, there are more than 20 different fields in which you can concentrate. The industrial engineering and biomedical engineering programs are among the most highly respected at the Tech Engineering.

A master’s or doctoral degree is available, and a few of the master’s degree programs provide dual programs with universities in other countries. Students in the Dual Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering, for example, are sent to a partner school, such as the Institut d’Electronique de Microelectronique et de Nanotechnologies in France, the TU-Munich in Germany, or the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Korea, to study electrical and computer engineering. The Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China and the Politecnico di Torino in Italy both offer dual degree programs.

University of California – San Diego

Application fee for international students: $140
Annual tuition fee:
$11,442 (in-state); $26,544 (out-of-state)

The Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California, San Diego is home to roughly 1,350 graduate students who specialize in six different academic specialties. The bioengineering department at the Jacobs School of Engineering is particularly well-regarded, and it offers Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) and Ph.D. degrees. Joint M.D./M.S. programs are also available. A doctorate or a doctorate in medicine or a doctorate in a doctoral program in collaboration with the UCSD School of Medicine, which has a reputation for excellence.

The Whitaker Institute of Biomedical Engineering and the San Diego Supercomputer Center are two of the school’s research centers, as well as the Center for Wireless Communications and the Center for Energy Research. The Von Liebig Center invests in and commercializes Jacobs’ early-stage inventions, as well as offering courses.

University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign

Application fee for international students: $90
Annual tuition fee:
$18,998 (in-state); $36,150 (out-of-state)

The Grainger College of Engineering is one of the top engineering programs in the world, enabling individuals to improve their quality of life through education, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and societal engagement. Its graduates and faculty help transform the world for the better.

Engaging professors. State-of-the-art facilities. Groundbreaking student resources. Brilliant classmates. Supportive environment. Endless opportunities. Whether you’re a first year undergraduate or working toward a PhD, the University of Illinois’ programs are designed to help you become the engineer you want to be.

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