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British education is recognized globally for its challenging environment, academic excellence, and well-rounded opportunities for Africans. If you’re an aspiring African scholar or just interested in an education from universities in the United Kingdom (UK) but cannot afford to move to the country just yet, then you might consider distance learning. 

Distance learning enables foreign students to receive education entirely through online means. Teaching comes in the form of online classes, video recordings, video conferencing, or any other audio/visual technology medium.

Given the changing times and current global health climate, more African scholars and students have been preferring online mediums for studies. In fact, a recent UKEAS survey has revealed a spike in West Africans interest to study in the UK.

In this list, we’ve checked esteemed and recommended UK universities that are included in prestigious international rankings such as the QS Rankings 2020 and Times Higher Education Rankings 2020 to see if they also offer distance learning alternatives.

Here are some of our recommended UK universities for distance learning:

University of Nottingham

Distance learning degree offered: Master’s Degree, PhD, Postgraduate Certificate
QS Ranking:
World University Ranking: 152

The University of Nottingham has an impressive range of international scholarship offerings on its website, dedicated to helping international and EU students make positive impacts on their studies and careers.

Their distance learning courses offer Russell Group quality education all the while allowing its students to work around their existing schedules by studying part-time.

University of Leeds

Distance learning degree offered: Master’s Degree, Postgraduate Diploma
QS Ranking: 93
World University Ranking: 155 

The University of Leeds, established in 1904, is one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK. It is located in West Yorkshire, a lively and multi-cultural city within the heart of UK. 

The university is one of the 24 Russell Group universities that share a research-intensive teaching approach and has earned a high academic reputation over the years. Their online degree offerings encompass Engineering, Humanities, Business, and Education, among others.

King’s College London

Distance learning degree offered: Master’s Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, PhD
QS Ranking: 33
World University Ranking: 36 

Notable for its health and research programs, King’s College London (KCL) is among the oldest and most prestigious colleges in London. They have housed 12 Nobel Prize winners among their alumni and former staff over the years. 

They offer flexible online learning which allows for students to start at their own pace and time. Not to mention, the college also covers a variety of areas, including Business Management, History, Law, and Philosophy. 

The University of Manchester

Distance learning degree offered: Pre-Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Postgraduate Certificate
QS Ranking: 27
World University Ranking: 55

Known as the largest single-site UK university, The University of Manchester prides itself on being a center of research and teaching excellence, as well as a part of the Russell Group university. The institution has 25 Nobel Prize winners among its current and former staff and students. 

Famous for its MBA, Marketing, and Business programs, The University of Manchester currently caters some 38,000 students, and 9,000 of them come from foreign countries.

The University of Edinburgh

Distance learning degree offered: Bachelor’s Degree
QS Ranking:
World University Ranking: 30 

The University of Edinburgh offers flexible online programs that usually take about three years to accomplish. Since these programs have the same amount of work as a normal degree, it will not be necessary to mention for them that you completed the program online.

In addition to quality online resources, The University of Edinburgh offers access to career consultants and IT support to help make distance learning easier.

University College London

Distance learning degree offered: Master’s Degrees and Graduate Diploma
QS Ranking: 8
World University Ranking: 15 

University College London (UCL) is best considered in relation to Cambridge and Oxford. It stands out in academic research and multi-disciplinary studies. Furthermore, their distance learning options include a wide range of subjects such as Neurology, Education, Sports, and Security.

Most people can only dream of getting into a UK universityー and because of distance learning offerings, these dreams are more attainable than ever. Are you ready to take the next step to turn yours into reality? 

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