If you are thinking about getting an education in the United Kingdom (UK), you will likely be making a wise decision. The UK is considered to have some of the best colleges in the world. Rich with history, culture, and plenty of great places to visit, the continent offers many wonderful places to get a university education.  The following list is not exhaustive or scientific.  It’s just the first part of our coverage of European Universities.


Some of the top colleges for International Students in the United Kingdom include:


  • University of Cambridge– located in Cambridge. More than 25,000 undergraduate students currently attend the university, including over 5,400 international students. The university is celebrating its 800thyear and running.
  • University College London–  located in London. This multidisciplinary institution is located in the heart of London. They currently have over 11,400 undergraduate students, including over 3,000 that are international ones.
  • Imperial College London – located in Kensington, London, this university opened in 1907 and has over 8,300 undergraduate students, including almost 3,000 international students.
  • University of Oxford located in London, this university also has 800 years of higher education tradition under its belt. Currently, it has over 12,000 undergraduate students, including over 1,500 international students.
  • University of Edinburghlocated in Scotland, this university is over 400 years old and was founded in 1583. Their undergraduate student enrollment count is over 15,600, including over 2,000 international students.
  • University of Bristollocated in Bristol, this university is one of the most popular and successful universities in the UK and enjoys a high international ranking.They attract students from all over the world, creating a rich and exciting international community and are located in a vibrant, dynamic city with a reputation for creativity and sustainability.


Whether you live in Africa or Europe and would like to attend university there, you will find excellent universities to choose from. There is something for everyone in the UK. The hardest part will be narrowing down which school is a good fit for your career goals and current circumstances!

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