Canada Aims to Fast Track Nigerian Student Applications

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Canada Aims to Fast Track Nigerian Student Applications. This was announced by the Canadian Government at their EduCanada fair in Abuja last month.

Canada has announced an express visa pilot scheme for prospective international students from Nigeria seeking study at the country’s universities and colleges.  The Nigeria Student Express Initiative

Is a pilot system is designed to improve processing times for study permits for Nigerian student applicants interested in studying in the country with a reduced processing time of approximately 20 days. 

In 2019 12,000 Nigerians applied for study permits to attend a Canadian academic institution.  Only 19% of those students successfully got approved.  The new system includes a specialized verification system to ensure students have the required funds to study in Canada. 

It’s unlikely that the new system will cost applicants more, as its intended purpose is likely to fast track qualified applicants.  Along with a My Bank verification and an offer from a Canadian Institution, a faster turnaround will be based on students having an upfront medical certificate, IELTS and a passport.

Canada’s Aims to Fast Track Nigerian Student Applications was introduced to students and parents at the EduCanada fairs in Abuja and Lagos in January 2020 around the time the United States increased restrictions to Nigerian citizens interested in immigrating to the United States.