Google Fellowships for African Students

The Google Ph.D. Fellowship Program provides monetary support up to $30,000 and mentorship to graduate students currently enrolled in Ph.D. programs.

The Google Ph.D. Fellowship Program was created to recognize outstanding graduate students doing exceptional and innovative research in areas relevant to computer science and related fields.

Fellowships support promising Ph.D. candidates of all backgrounds who seek to influence the future of technology. Google’s mission is to foster inclusive research communities and encourages people of diverse backgrounds to apply.

They currently offer Fellowships in Africa, Australia and New Zealand, East Asia, Europe, India, the United States, and Canada.

Students receive named Fellowships which include a monetary award. The funds are given directly to the university to cover the student’s expenses and stipend as appropriate. The funds are given as an unrestricted gift. In addition, the student will be matched with a Google Research Mentor.

There is no employee relationship between the student and Google as a result of receiving the fellowship. Fellowship recipients are not subject to intellectual property restrictions unless they complete an internship at Google. If a Fellowship student is interested, an internship at Google is encouraged, but not guaranteed or required.


  • Up to 3-year Fellowship
  • Up to $30,000.00 stipend
  • Research Mentor from Google

How to apply:

The details of each Fellowship vary by region. Please see their Frequently Answered Questions for eligibility requirements and application instructions.

In Africa, students may apply directly during the application period, which opens each February. Applications are open to students in Computer Science and related areas from any African university.


The Google Africa Ph.D. Fellowship program application window is now open. Application submissions must be submitted by Wednesday, April 15, 2020. Submit applications by clicking on this link.

Areas of Study:

Google Ph.D. Fellowship students are a select group recognized by Google researchers and their institutions as some of the most promising young academics in the world. The Fellowships are awarded to students who represent the future of research in the following fields:

  • Algorithms, Optimizations, and Markets
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Machine Learning
  • Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision
  • Mobile Computing
  • Natural Language Processing (including Information Retrieval and Extraction)
  • Privacy and Security
  • Programming Languages and Software Engineering
  • Quantum Computing
  • Structured Data and Database Management
  • Systems and Networking

Students currently studying outside of Africa are eligible but may have slightly different application guidelines. For more information, you can access Google Research’s Program page here.

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