Once you have made the decision to go to college and earn a degree, the next step is to figure out just what college you are going to attend. While, for some people, that may be an obvious decision, for others it will take some research and investigation before they can decide.

When it comes to choosing the right college for you, keep these five tips in mind:
1. Programs. Do they offer what you want to study, or do you feel like you are going to have to compromise? You want a college that will allow you to focus on the area you want to specialize in.
2. Location. If you are earning a degree online, your options are wide open. You will have many places to choose from, both within Africa and abroad. If you are earning a degree on campus, you will need to make sure that it’s not so far away that it becomes burdensome.
3. Costs. While the price of an education offers a good return on investment, you will need to compare tuition costs. Some schools, especially private ones, may charge much more for the same degree.
4. Guidance. You want to select a college that is going to offer you support and guidance. Many incoming freshmen need that support in order to avoid falling through the cracks.
5. Job placement. Good colleges should offer you support in finding a job after graduation. Check to ensure they have a student services department or job placement program, to help you get started working after you earn your degree.

Choosing a college at which to earn your degree may seem like a daunting task. But once you research the information above, that choice should become much clearer.

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