Social Finance Program Fellowship for Insurance and Financial Services Professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia

A Social Finance Program Fellowship for Insurance and Financial Services professionals will be hosted by the International Labor Organization (ILO). Featuring individuals from Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, the fellowship opportunity is opening applications until July 25, 2021, at 23:59 CEST.

What is ILO’s Social Finance Program Fellowship?

The Social Finance Program Fellowship of ILO aims to link qualified professionals in the insurance and financial services sector with progressive organizations. Through this effort, the fellows will be given the chance to bridge skill gaps and, in turn, create and apply innovative projects that will benefit the community.

Each fellow will be partnering with a host organization for at least one year in order to see the chosen project through. Furthermore, the project could range from the implementation of a risk management product, a public-private partnership, digital solution, or distribution partnership.

To expound, the project will zone in on the following core concepts:

  • Designing integrated risk-management solutions for small enterprises and / or low income households that bundle insurance with other financial and non-financial services to improve customers’ ability to manage risk and increase their productivity capabilities
  • Enhancing public-private partnerships that help achieve public policy objectives aligned to the UN’s SDGs, especially those related to decent work, food security, climate change, and universal health coverage.

Who Can Become Fellows?

Mid-career insurance and/or financial services professionals stationed at Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia who are eager to apply their skills to benefit the low-income and emerging markets and who have worked in a technical capacity for at least three years may participate in ILO’s Social Finance Program Fellowship. 

Moreover, university graduates with less than three years of professional experience may be offered a fellowship on an exceptional basis if they have a unique set of skills sought by a host.

The ideal fellowship candidates for a fellowship should have relevant expertise to contribute to insurance and/or microfinance activities. They must also be interested in working in developing countries as well as in development issues.

Consequently, they must have a serious commitment to providing microinsurance and/or microfinance consulting services. On another note, the aspiring fellows should also be practicing as microinsurance/microfinance professionals on an ongoing basis after the assignment.

In terms of skills, the ideal people possess project management skills. They need to be resourceful and capable of arranging practical necessities related to travel, life, and work in a new environment. Finally, they should be ready to work in a developing country for the duration of the fellowship.

How to Apply for the Insurance and Financial Services Fellowship?

For a complete overview of the said fellowship program, read the Social Finance Program briefing. You may also visit the official fellowship posting webpage for the full list of requirements. However, the most important thing to note is that applicants must email the completed application form, along with a curriculum vitae and cover letter to [email protected], with “Fellowship application” as the subject line, on or before July 25, 2021, 23:59 CEST.

*NOTE: Only submissions that include the three required documents will be considered complete.

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