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Lancaster University Ghana (LUG) is the first UK-owned university to have its own campus in sub-Saharan Africa. As a global leader in international university rankings, Lancaster University is among the best schools in the UK. Currently, its Ghana campus offers several scholarships for Ghanaian undergraduate students.

Scholarships for Africans has listed these scholarship opportunities with the esteemed university below. So, read on to check out which one will suit your needs best.

Undergraduate Scholarships Available at Lancaster University Ghana

Lancaster University Ghana’s official logo | Photo credit: Lancaster University Ghana’s website

Financial Aid Scholarship at LUG

Lancaster will only consider aspiring African scholars with limited family income or insufficient funds for educational fees. To be considered, applicants must have two As and one B or better in five subjects.

Academic Merit Scholarship

To qualify for a spot at the university, undergraduate students must have four As and one B or better in five subjects in WAEC or at least four As in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and two As in A-Levels for direct entry.

Lancaster University Ghana’s official logo | Photo credit: Lancaster University Ghana’s website

Lancaster University Ghana Direct Scholarship

Lancaster University Ghana has been partnering with numerous high schools across the country in order to support more incoming undergraduate students. Scholarships for Ghanaians to study at the university will cover 10-15% of the learners’ tuition fees.

Innovation & Creativity Scholarship

Hopeful undergrads need to make an essay that demonstrates their innovation or creativity in high school. On another note, they can also write about ideas for innovation and creativity that they aim to showcase during their time at Lancaster.

As a global leader in international university rankings, Lancaster University is among the best schools in the UK.| Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Sibling Scholarship

LUG presents an automatic 10% tuition fee reduction when a sibling (brother or sister) of an existing student within the institution.

Stewardship / Community Service Scholarship

Candidates must write an essay that describes their previous experience in stewardship or community service in their high school or community. Furthermore, applicants may also detail their plans of exhibiting stewardship or community service during their time at LUG.

Photo credits: LUG’s Facebook page

Marketing Scholarship

Ghanaian undergraduate students who have enrolled in LUG and its Marketing program are welcome to apply for this scholarship. As a requirement, the applicants must submit a 100-word essay on why they want to study Marketing.

Change Scholarship

For this scholarship, aspiring African scholars must submit an essay about their personal plans to make a positive impact on the community or the world after they graduate with a degree from Lancaster University Ghana.

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Eligibility of Students at Lancaster University Ghana

Ghanaian undergraduate students are eligible for LUG’s scholarships if they meet the test scores requirement, conditions, and submit other necessary documents on time. For more specific details on each scholarship type, interested Ghanaians may directly contact Lancaster University Ghana via their website or email them at [email protected].

Photo credits: LUG’s Facebook page

How to Apply for a Scholarship

In order to start the application process, interested students must submit a completed Scholarship Application Form along with all financial aid supporting documents (for Financial Aid applicants). Additionally, they must provide other documents requested by the university. 

Lancaster University Ghana Scholarship – Financial and supporting documents

Any of the documents listed below, which are able to serve as sufficient proof of financial need, can be provided:

• Payslip/Payroll records of Parents or Guardians

• Recent school receipts of siblings or Parents’/Guardians’ Dependents

• Death Certificates of Parents

• Bank statements of Parents/ Guardians

• SSNIT contribution of Parents/Guardians

Sports Scholarships and supporting documents

• Regional, National, and International sporting certificates

• Testimonials from the previous school, detailing the individual’s sporting abilities

Other Documents for all categories

• High School/ Secondary School Exam Certificates Transcripts

• Transcripts

• A 500-word essay that details the applicants’ academic and career goals. It should also include how their studies will contribute to these professional goals. Moreover, candidates should also include reasons why they feel they should be considered for this scholarship.

• Letters of recommendation

Note: Applicants may be asked for additional information if the information provided is unclear.

 The next step will be an interview of short-listed applicants. If a candidate’s application is successful, they will receive notification of their award.

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