Huawei Global Contest for HMS App Innovation: Opportunity for Developers

Huawei has opened an opportunity for developers globally to showcase their skills through the Huawei HMS App Innovation Global Contest 2021.

Application deadline: August 20, 2021

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Huawei Global Contest Details

Lucrative cash prizes await winners of different categories under this competition. In total, $1,000,000 has been set aside by Huawei from its Shining Star Program.

$200,000 will be allocated for the top 20 apps in each region. Broken down, the awards are as follows:

  • US$15,000x 5 Best App
  • US$15,000x 3 Best Game
  • US$15,000x 3 Best Social Impact App
  • US$5,000x 1 Tech Women’s Award
  • US$5,000x 2 Best HMS Core Innovation Award
  • US$5,000x 1 All-Scenario Coverage Award
  • US$5,000x 3 Excellent Student Award
  • US$3,000x 5 Honorable Mention

Furthermore, this opportunity for developers can also be the grounds for launching a career in tech and development. Winners in the HMS app innovation will also get a special feature on Huawei AppGallery— the brand’s own application marketplace. The promotion has the potential to reach a global audience of at least 700 million.

As a community, Huawei has over two million registered developers. This has significantly increased by 75% over the past year.

Through the Huawei Global Contest in HMS App Innovation, talented developers get to explore the future of digital intelligence. The competition also aims to encourage these individuals to create seamless, smart, and innovative digital experiences.

By highlighting pioneering HMS open capabilities, the competition gives app developers the tools to build tomorrow’s all-connected world.

Eligibility for the HMS App Innovation

In order to be qualified for entry, developers must be aged 18 and above. In addition, employees of Huawei or its affiliates as well as immediate family members are barred from entering the competition.

Interested parties may join the competition solo, or as part of a team. However, please note that team contestants must come from the same contest region.

How to Apply for the Opportunity

Overall, the Huawei Global Contest in HMS App Innovation is an opportunity for developers around the world. One can start their application process simply by signing up with their Huawei ID. If the interested applicant does not have any Huawei gadget, and, in turn, does not have a Huawei ID, they may also register online.

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