African Leadership Academy

Since 2012, the African Leadership Academy (ALA) has been a champion of opportunities for Africans. They have supported the education of talented students and have taken part in empowering young people to lead change both in Africa and across the globe.

The academy is looking to enroll African youth aged 15 to 18 for a two-year pre-university program. Applicants should not only excel in the academic environment, but also have the potential in leadership, an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for Africa, and a commitment to service.

Type: Undergraduate
Deadline: August 31, 2021
Location: African Leadership Academy, South Africa

African scholars who qualify will receive the following benefits:

  •  Students receive financial support for fees, uniforms, books and supplies, transportation, accommodation, and stipends.
  • Students benefit from enrichment in skill areas relevant to employment success, such as critical thinking, communications, and entrepreneurship.
  • Students will receive support during their transition into secondary school, university or the workforce with mentoring, career counselling, internships, leadership development, and other life skills coaching.
  • An integral component of the Program is the commitment from the African Scholars to give back to their communities and countries of origin. Students will demonstrate this commitment through volunteerism and community service, as well as other forms of experiential learning.
  • Graduates of the African Scholars Program will be connected through an alumni network that offers information, resources, and opportunities to consult with other graduates.

Eligibility for Scholarship

Opportunities for African youth at ALA are made available for students who:

  • Assume leadership roles within their community, schools, or at home
  • Take part in youth organizations and social movements
  • Have plans to start businesses or big ideas for product and innovation
  • Are comfortable spending two years to immerse in a community of Africans with a wide range of cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds
  • Use their skills to uplift their communities
  • Have mastery of subject matter taught at the school they attended before entering the academy

ALA Selection Process

  1. With thousands of African scholars applying yearly, the African Leadership Academy’s first round of selection has become extremely competitive. The application includes short questions and essays and must be submitted with academic transcripts. 
  2. Out of the thousand aspirants, only 400 students will be notified and selected to attend the finalist interviews. At these events, finalists write entrance exams, participate in group activities & are interviewed one-on-one by the ALA Admissions team. Finalists are also required to submit teacher recommendations.
  3. Lastly, the roster will be tailored down to 120 students who will be admitted into the academy.

ALA Application Process

To start your application, download the ALA Diploma Program Prospectus and complete the form.

You may also visit the African Leadership Academy’s official website for the latest news on opportunities for Africans.

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