The Australia Awards team receive thousands of scholarship applications every year – all from talented and accomplished people hoping to make a difference in their home country. It’s a very competitive process. They’ve put together some tips to help you reflect on your application and think about how to prepare if you’d like to apply again after being rejected.  This is also useful to first-time candidates interested in presenting successful applications for funding their study in Australia.


Taking notes


Didn’t get an interview?

  • Firstly, read through your responses to the application questions and think critically about the answers you provided. Could any of the answers be improved or perhaps explained differently? Are the answers generic or do they speak to your unique goals and motivations?

Did you get an interview but not an offer?

  • If you received an interview but didn’t get a scholarship offer, look at your interview preparation. If you know someone who was successful, ask them for interview tips and how they prepared.
  • Think about the questions you were asked in the interview and how you could improve on your answers. Come up with a list of other possible questions and practice answering them. It is even better if you can do this with a friend who can provide you with feedback. Another option is to record yourself and take notes while watching the video back.

Are you planning to apply again next year or in a future intake?

  • Reflect, reflect, reflect. Think carefully about why you are applying for a scholarship and how it fits in with your broader objectives.
  • Prepare thoroughly. Find out more about Australia Awards on DFAT’s website and the goals that the program is trying to achieve. Think about how this applies to you, your home country and the development areas that you’re passionate about.
  • Understand the background of Australia’s aid program and how the Australia Awards fits into this.
  • Make your application as unique and individual as you. What is special about you that you want to make sure the selection team notices? Try not to include vague or general content.
  • Pretend that you already have a scholarship! Do lots of research into your field, such as which Australian universities may specialise in your chosen area, which specific courses are offered, their entrance requirements and the opportunities that are available to you in Australia. Make sure you can justify why you have the made the institution and degree decisions you have. Don’t forget that the selection team also want to know how this particular education will help you achieve your stated development objectives for your home country.
  • Good luck and stay positive! Many of our Australia Awards alumni had to apply more than once before they were successful. Much of the preparation you do for your scholarship application is also useful for other selection processes such as job interviews you may have in your home country. We hope to see you in Australia in the coming years!

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Creative Commons License Source: Australia Awards Alumni

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