Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship presents Opportunity for Innovators

The Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship presents an opportunity for innovators to take their careers in health technology to the next level.

Through the program, skilled individuals as given the opportunity to become part of the Stanford Biodesign community. It is also a life-long global network of innovators who want to advocate for an advancement in healthcare.

Application Deadline: August 13, 2021

Photo credits: Stanford University

Fellowship Details

The Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship is a 10-month opportunity for innovators. The fellowship, which shall run from August through early June, is also a full-time and all-encompassing program. It is complete with a monthly stipend and health benefits for the duration of the event.

Consequently, Stanford Biodesign fellows become members of the Stanford Biodesign team at the James H. Clark Center on the Stanford University campus. Clinical immersion is completed at Stanford Health Care, as well as a variety of other settings across the continuum of care.

In addition, the experience equips aspiring innovators with proven, repeatable process to identify important healthcare needs.

Fellows then get to invent novel health technologies to address them and  prepare to implement those products into patient care through start-up, corporate channels, or other channels.

Graduates of the Stanford program may use their newfound knowledge for:

  • Catalyzing innovation inside major health technology companies
  • Building their own health technology start-ups
  • Teaching and/or leading translational research programs for world-class universities
  • Driving innovation initiatives within academic or private medical centers
  • Becoming specialists in design, investing, or other aspects of the health technology innovation ecosystem

Eligibility Criteria

There are no nationality restrictions for this opportunity. In effect, people with advanced degrees and / or substantial work experience in the engineering, science, computer science, business, product design, law, medical, or nursing fields are welcome to apply. 

On another note, fellows will be carefully chosen based on their experience, passion, and drive, as well as their potential to become principal innovators in the health tech field.

How to Apply for the Opportunity

In order to start your application process, please download and read the application requirements for the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship. Once you have made sure that you meet all eligibility criteria as well as the required documents, please visit and finalize your application here.

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