A career opportunity in programming awaits

A programming career opportunity plus a $15,000 cash prize await individuals who want to test their coding abilities through the Google Kick Start Online Coding Competition.

Also a scouting method for potential company talent, Kick Start is a global online coding contest hosted by Google. It consists of three-hour rounds of algorithmic tasks created by Google engineers. Furthermore, the program measures contestants’ aptitude in data structures and algorithms.

The Kick Start Online Coding Competition may launch your career in Google. | Photo credits: Google – About US

Google Kick Start Online Coding Competition Details

Interested programmers and tech-related experts may contend in one or all online rounds of Google Kick Start spaced through the year.

Through the event, people looking to launch or improve their programming careers will have the opportunity to put their skills to the test. It will also give them an inside look at what technical skills will be needed in order to be qualified, and ultimately, work for Google.

Other than the $15,000 cash prize for the top contender, runners-up might also be invited for an opportunity to be interviewed at Google.

Eligibility for the Programming Career Opportunity

The contest is open to all programmers and tech experts globally. However, some residents prohibited by their country’s law to join in contests of a similar nature to Kick Start are not eligible to join. These countries include Crimea, North Korea, or the city of Quebec in Canada.

In addition to the aforementioned restriction, contestants must also be:

  • 18 years or older at the time of their Kick Start registration
  • Not restricted by applicable export controls and sanctions programs
  • Not a current employee, intern, contractor, officer, or director at Google or any of its affiliates

How to Apply

Take the first step in your programming career by creating a profile upon registering for Google Kick Start. Next, go to the official webpage of Google’s coding competition to see further details and requirements about the application process.

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