The UAE will now offer five-year visas for international students, in lieu of the current one-year visa term in place.  Additionally, they are preparing to introduce ten-year residency options to high performing students and students who currently live as dependants to their parents in The UAE.

The announcement was made last week by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.  The news comes as The UAE works to introduce a knowledge-based economy into what has traditionally been an oil and gas economy.

The country has steadily been positioning itself as an international education hub.   As host to the second largest number of university branch campuses in the world after only China, they are well on their way to not only building a knowledge pool but a highly trained workforce to fill jobs that require international applicants in-country.

Dubai is currently home to more than 200 nationalities which accounts for 90% of the population. 40,000 of whom are international students?  The country should see a boost to these numbers as the new visa extension goes into effect.

Other countries that are extending visa parameters and work periods for foreign students include Canada, Japan, China, Ireland and Taiwan.  These countries have also introduced policies that make it easier for international students including African Students to study, work and in some cases immigrate.

While looking at post-secondary and career opportunities, be sure to look at local and international institutions in the United Arab Emirates.

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